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A multimodal system for the evaluation of advertisements

Funding Organization:General Secretariat for Research and Technology)
Funding Programme:Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014-2020
Funding Instrument:Funding Instrument:
Start Date:28 Jul 2020
Duration:30 months
Total Budget:665.010,00 €
MMS SA Budget:105.150,00 €

In this project we are developing a Computer Brain Interface, which will help us to understand whether an advertising message presents of interest
to the recipient/consumer, where they focus their attention and what emotions it evokes. In this way we will be able to focus the points that need to
be changed in order to optimise the advertising message so that it becomes more attractive.

The participating MMS team is responsible for writing a report describing the system requirements related to the software and the communication
interface, the creation of advertising messages, both static and audiovisual, the report of the evaluation of the system and the preparation of a business
plan for the exploitation of the project results.


– Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IPTIL) of the National Centre for Research and Technology (NCRTF) (Coordinating body)

– Department of Journalism and Media, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.